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Part 1 of Chef Miko Aspiras' presentation for Madrid Fusion Manila 2016

Story by Gabby Cantero April 11th, 2016


In his first dish for Madrid Fusion Manila, Miko takes inspiration from his fondest memories as a child. He combines 3 unlikely elements together to create something unique.

At first I was skeptical with what Miko wanted to do. I was worried people would be turned off when they found out what he was working on for his presentation. But a few more meetings later, I got it. I finally understood what was going on in his head and it was my turn to tell his story. It was not easy to make his ideas visually happen in the form of photographs and videos. But then again, who likes easy? I don’t like easy so I took the challenge of making this a reality. My days were filled with, “How do we make this pretty?” “How do we tell your story?” “How will I do this?”

3 weeks. It took us 3 weeks to brainstorm, shoot and edit his presentation. 2 keynote presentations and 3 videos in 3 weeks. We did it. I would not have done it without a solid team. Thank god the people I work with always love a challenge.

This first dish of Miko was the most challenging but also the most interesting. He poured his heart and soul into this. There is a science to it. There’s a thought. There’s a memory. And it’s all there. In one dish. Laro is a take on Miko’s childhood. It’s a memory of playing with his friends on a warm summer day. It’s a memory we can all share. In this dish, he combines rust, sweat and a flower called, Santan.

This is the visual story of Miko Aspiras’ Laro.


Its nectar and flavor extracted to create this Santan flavoured meringue.



Chef Miko’s take of a salted caramel sauce.



Rust infused burnt white chocolate.


Final plated dish.

Footnote: Photographed using a Sony A7II, FE 55mm and a FE 90mm.
Manila, NCR, Philippines