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A visual study on pinoy street eats

Story by Gabby Cantero May 25th, 2015
Pinoy street food is such a vital part of the Filipino Food Movement. Many chefs and cooks of local restaurants in Manila have taken these as inspiration for their dishes. Photographs do not justify how good all of these dishes are. My best advice is that y’all visit the Philippines and have fish balls & squid balls whenever you get the chance. You won’t regret it.

Fish balls and Squid balls

As you see the kart pull up in front of your school’s gate, you can hear everyone scrambling for coins and eager to get out to line up for these. You dip them in a sweet & spicy sauce and eat them while it’s hot. It’s great with an ice cold soda or a sugary drink.



Quail eggs deep fried in an orange batter then dipped in vinegar with onions and chillies. Memories of my childhood are made of these.


CHicken isaw

Chicken intestines. Don’t freak out. You’ll love these.

Balun-balunan & Baticolon

Various chicken innards. Grilled in a sweet barbecue sauce. Eaten usually soaked in vinegar while piping hot.


Ube and CHeese Dirty Ice Cream

If you hear the bell, the next thing you know is that you’re running out to get a cone of these. It’s sweet and cold. Always good for our weather here in the tropics. The best part about the cheese flavor is getting lucky with big chunks of cheese. You’d be ballin’ if you had a kart of dirty ice cream at your birthday party back when I was growing up.


Produced by Denise Alcantara. Art Direction by Danica Condez. Southern Living Magazine, October 2014.

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines